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Our Moto are Discipline, Knowledge and Best Education ,50% Fees only for BPL,Physical handicappet scholarship for SC ,ST, OBC and Minority Students
Smart Classrooms Attractive white Boards
World class Sport Facilities for indoor games
Water Cooler with Aquaguard Filtered Water Library with a lot of book
Computer Lab Student resource Center
Personal Conseling Conveyance Available With A.C
The school bases its academics fully on an international curriculum, which is a gateway to universities all over the world. At Gyanodya Vidyapeeth, the emphasis is on blending the deep-rooted ethos of our ancient Indian Culture with the most contemporary teaching methodologies.
Since we are committed to excellence, we provide the best possible facilities to our budding sportsmen. A 400 m track is used for track and field events.A basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, cricket nets, soccer field and indoor sports arena make sure that each sportsperson gets to hone his skills in his chosen game. A team of professionally accomplished coaches guide every move and egg the students on towards pursuit of excellence.
Library Section
A well lit extensive library is available for students and faculty. Besides the books on every subject and topic, the library subscribes to various periodicals -- international weeklies and the local dailies. Other library resources include a large collection of DVDs, CDs, bulletin boards, internet access and a media centre. Separate corners are reserved for story-telling for junior students and research for seniors. The library acts as an important resource centre for all students with books ranging from reference books, subject related books as well as classics and bestsellers.
Computer Lab
We have a fully equipped IT centre as we understand the growing impact of IT in all spheres of life. The centre comprises of two teaching labs – junior and senior. We have an adjoining lecture room with ceiling mounted LCD projector, projection screen and a slide projector. Our IT centre has the required technology to run the school's own web server, maintaining necessary security, relay lessons on to the students' desktop and monitor students' work through the server.
Transport Facility
Transport facility available from all over Jaipur buses fleet is ready to pick your ward from door step to save them from any inconvenience. drivers are loaded with mobile phone to get in touch with every parent & school authority.